Tim Richardson

Melbourne, Australia

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xdebug and PHP with eclipse on Debian

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Tip: xdebug is packaged for debian and sets up a configuration file for apache in /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d

The file is xdebug.ini. After installation it has the zend_extension parameter set. To use with eclipse and the PDT modules, add these lines:


install PDT via the existing repository in eclipse. It's under web development.

To get started: the series of articles here was written for an earlier version of eclipse, but it's easy to adapt.

I have 3.5SR2 (installed from eclipse.org, not using the Debian package) and I got it working within a few minutes of starting. Being able to step through a PHP page connecting to a database makes PHP seem a lot easier to learn. I had to configure iceweasel as the external browser in Eclipse.





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