Tim Richardson

Melbourne, Australia

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I have bred a robber baron

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Three weeks ago, I introduced Mummy and Daddy money to Xavier. For reading a book or practicing his violin, he earns 5 or 10 credits. Credits are redeemable for watching movies (10 credits) or using his laptop (ie playing games) or using mum's iphone (ie playing games).

A fantastic idea. We have rationed game playing making everyone happy, and motivated him to read books; he has made huge progress with reading. The concept was so popular that Katherine wanted in. So she started getting credits for various virtuous activities. I was pleased tonight when they pooled their last 5 credits each to watch a movie. I have visions of taking this further, to develop concepts of saving etc.

Then Tris told me how Katherine is getting her stash of credits. She robbed the bank. She found where we were keeping our store of credits, and she just took a handful. Xavier dobbed her in blew the whistle, since he works hard to get his credits. She's only 3 and he's 5, but you get a feeling how this story is going to develop.


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Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 September 2010 23:16